Where A Handshake Still Matters

Forming in 1991, our priority was to be of service to the Low Voltage Industry. For the last 25 years, our growth has been determined strictly by job quality. With no sales force, it is our customers that have pushed us into a continuous growth cycle.

Low Voltage is indeed a growing field. A door contact, a motion detector, and a keypad are no longer considered a "security system". Our expertise comes from many installs all around the Southeast United States. While doing these installs, we learn the system and keep it in mind since it will, most likely, be us returning should service be needed. This work ethic has built the reputation Time Out Systems enjoys.

We can be on site from a small to a very large install in either rural or congested areas. We bring to the table a variety of products expertly installed. Our flexibility enables us to tackle projects of substantial size by shifting our Tech Staff around and positioning all Techs to an area, temporarily. Our years of experience alongside our expansive product knowledge helps us create Unique Systems for Unique Situations.

If you have an interest in Fire Alarms, Burglar Alarms, Access Control, CCTV, WIFI, Intercom, or Sound Systems, you have found the right place! Ready to upgrade the infrastructure? Are you taking that Coax to Cat5? Adding Fiber to reduce cabling, increase speed, and eliminate those electrical strikes? Then consider our one stop shopping approach. We don't bid projects where, going in, we know the cheapest bid wins the job. We will most likely never be the cheapest bid. Then again I was taught, "You get what you pay for".

Can we be your Low Voltage Provider?

Why hire us?

We've seen it all and understand the speed at which technology changes.
If you are located within our Six State Operation your Low Voltage needs are covered.
With no Sales Force since our conception and a growth chart other companies would envy, YES we know a little about Customer Satisfaction.


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