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Our Staff are above average earnings but keep in mind, Our Staff is above average Technicians. Are you a Low Voltage Technician? Then you understand the terms normally open and normally closed. You understand wired in series and wired in parallel. You understand what 12VDC7AH means AND you know what happens when they are wired in Series and Wired in Parallel. You understand the difference in "Shall and Should" and you know who the AHJ is!

There is a difference between High Voltage and Low Voltage. High Voltage Contractors run a much greater risk of electrocution due to the dangers of their trade. On the Low Voltage side,hook up the wrong wire to an array of expensive equipment and, well, you might just wish you could disappear. At least for a few days. On the Low Voltage side the equipment is changing daily. There was a day when you maintained Owners Manual's so when you have another install you had a reference guide. Not any more.

In our company we know that a Professional Technician shall be State Tested. In our company NICET Certification is a shall. There are many courses provided by different institutions that reinforce the education of a Professional Low Voltage Technician. We believe whatever you choose to do in life, do it to the very best of your ability.

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