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Founded in 1991 our Company has grown to a Staff of 200 operating in Southeast USA, AL /AR/ FL / GA /MO/ NC / SC / TN. Our growth has been fueled by demand. We are a “Support Company” serving a Multitude of different Security Companies. Many Companies have the ability to sell the large job and even service it, but the installation can be challenging. That’s where we come in. We also Support the Service side of Low Voltage. With a dedicated Service Department, we take the Service Call from initiation to completion.

The demand for our Services is strong because we understand the importance of Training and Certification. We consider a first step in training to be OSHA 30 Certified. Once that is achieved a Tech starts down the road of either ESA (Electronic Security Association) Certification or NICET (National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies) Certification, it depends on the State they live in. The “Book Smarts” our Techs receive are matched with “Field Savvy” delivered through Operational Managers and Certified Trainers.

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“The Secret to Success is Your Ability to do the Task – You Can Count the Money Later”

Are you a Low Voltage Technician?

Then you understand the terms normally open and normally closed. You understand wired in series and wired in parallel. You understand what 12VDC7AH means AND you know what happens when they are wired in Series and Wired in Parallel. You understand the difference in “Shall and Should” and you know who the AHJ is!

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