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Installation and Service to all Low Voltage Equipment

Think about it. How many times have you been in the process of making a purchase and thought, “If these guys knew what service is they would make a fortune”? What happens when you do run across that Company that understands Service? You never forget them. Since our beginning, we have grown each year and our growth has been strictly via word of mouth. We know that customer service builds a company.

Technology is a wonderful tool and so much can be done with it. In the world of Low Voltage every action gets a reaction. That camera image appears on your phone and you click a button to unlock a gate, for example. When you wake in the morning, tell the remote voice in your home to turn on the TV, jump on Social Media to discuss you past day or present one, and put that medical device around your wrist to upload your medical data… you are probably not to concerned about your privacy, huh?

Delivering quality service also includes informing the customer about exactly what they are getting into, not just making a sale. It’s important the customer understands the equipment they are purchasing. Is it proprietary? That means one outlet sells it to you and one outlet services it. Did you buy something on sale? Yes, you may have gotten a great price, but it may be because it is now a discontinued product. In a field that’s constantly changing you need a vendor that relies on some old-fashioned ideas when it comes to customer service.

Our way of doing business has created a long healthy life for our company and the associates in it. This business model has worked for us and we don’t intend to change it.

Fire Alarms

From design, to installation, to service we make the most important aspect of Low Voltage- Affordable.

Access Control

Doors – Gates – Turnstiles

Burglary Alarms

Do you want to chase them off or catch them? There is a difference!


Not everyone wants to see the same thing.

Low Voltage

The term low voltage means much more than you think.

Wi-Fi Networking

Everyone can see your WI-FI system.  Is it secure?

Intercom Systems

See who’s at the door-gate before unlocking.

Sound Systems

Residential – Commercial

Fiber Installation

Want faster speed with no electrical strikes?

Are you a Low Voltage Technician?

Then you understand the terms normally open and normally closed. You understand wired in series and wired in parallel. You understand what 12VDC7AH means AND you know what happens when they are wired in Series and Wired in Parallel. You understand the difference in “Shall and Should” and you know who the AHJ is!

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