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For Installation or Service in AL-AR-FL-GA-MO-NC-SC-TN on the equipment listed below:
Fire Alarm, Nurse Call, Burglary Alarm, Access Control, CCTV Surveillance, WIFI, Network, PA Systems, Intercom, Surround Sound, Fiber, Gate Control, and Audio-Video


There are several ways to initiate a Service Request. If you are not an existing Customer with an existing Account.

Your online request is immediately broadcast to our Service Department as well as our Technical Staff in the Field within travel distance from your site.

We love a paper trail as it ensures we are aware of EXACTLY your Service Concern. [email protected] will get your Service Concern handled promptly.

Like the Old Fashioned Way? Call 229-563-3080 / No Prompts for a Department / 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM EST MON-FRI

Are you a Low Voltage Technician?

Then you understand the terms normally open and normally closed. You understand wired in series and wired in parallel. You understand what 12VDC7AH means AND you know what happens when they are wired in Series and Wired in Parallel. You understand the difference in “Shall and Should” and you know who the AHJ is!

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